Been sooooo lazy!

On Friday we had a BBQ with Sara's family, I did the cooking (with help from my wonderful amazing lovely cute girlfriend.....can you tell she is here?!!!!!) It went pretty well and no-one got food poisoning. We had quite a lot of beers and talked long into the night. Woke up pretty tired the next day. My sunburn was starting to itch quite a lot so we went into town to buy aftersun and go to systemet to buy more beer for our next BBQ at Freaky's house!


So we got to Freaky's house and the weather was ok for maybe half an hour, but then the rain came and we had to rush inside. We had drinks at Freaky's bar and we all talked a lot and we played a new beer game, which was fun. Later on we took a taxi into town and went to a bar called Ankaret. Sara was a bit drunk by now so we didn't stay too long!


Sunday was bit of a write-off as we were hungover and the weather was crap. Sara's Mum, Dad and Didrik left for Motala in the evening, we will be going there on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am really looking forward to seeing Motala, but will miss everyone here in Kristinehamn! :(


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