i love massaging my girlfriend !!

Sara also has a blogg that you can read....if your Swedish is up to scratch!!! But, you can look at the pictures!


Todays feeling: Better now my chest isn't on fire!
Todays wellbeing: A little tired but happy
Todays should: Give Sara a 4 hour long massage!!
Todays hairstyle: messed up!
Todays outfit: jeans and grey tshirt
Todays done so far: Fed birds
Todays plans: Same as "todays should"
Todays item i want: Big bottle of BabyOil to help me with Sara's massage
Todays wish: That I could massage her longer than 4 hours
Todays thought: Can I start with it now??
Todays addiction: Massaging Sara
Todays most boring thing: That she hasn't requested a massage yet....
Todays reading: Nothing, too busy massaging Sara
Todays song: Same as above....
Todays most unusual thing: Same as "todays most boring thing"
Todays rose: For my wonderful, beautiful, sexy, cute  and absolutly lovely girlfriend Sara!

  Because I looooove her! :)

Been sooooo lazy!

On Friday we had a BBQ with Sara's family, I did the cooking (with help from my wonderful amazing lovely cute girlfriend.....can you tell she is here?!!!!!) It went pretty well and no-one got food poisoning. We had quite a lot of beers and talked long into the night. Woke up pretty tired the next day. My sunburn was starting to itch quite a lot so we went into town to buy aftersun and go to systemet to buy more beer for our next BBQ at Freaky's house!


So we got to Freaky's house and the weather was ok for maybe half an hour, but then the rain came and we had to rush inside. We had drinks at Freaky's bar and we all talked a lot and we played a new beer game, which was fun. Later on we took a taxi into town and went to a bar called Ankaret. Sara was a bit drunk by now so we didn't stay too long!


Sunday was bit of a write-off as we were hungover and the weather was crap. Sara's Mum, Dad and Didrik left for Motala in the evening, we will be going there on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am really looking forward to seeing Motala, but will miss everyone here in Kristinehamn! :(

Utkast: Todays feeling: ...

Todays feeling: Pain from the sunburn!
Todays wellbeing: I'm pretty good
Todays should: Sort out clothes
Todays hairstyle: messed up
Todays outfit: Blue t-shirt and grey combats
Todays done so far: Went to Empoli Pizza and had burger + chips
Todays plans: Go to town
Todays item i want: postcards
Todays wish: That it won't rain tomorrow for BBQ!
Todays thought: I am eating so healthily!
Todays addiction: coffee, cigarettes, my blogg
Todays most boring thing: nothing so far
Todays reading: not yet
Todays song: Dreaming Out Loud - One Republic
Todays most unusual thing: chips with bearnaise sauce
Todays rose: Sara for bei

I got sunburnt in Sweden!!

The sunbathing yesterday didn't exactly go to plan! The Swedish sun proved to be a little too strong for my white English chest! See the before and after pics!

  Oh deo!  

Yesterday we met Figge and went and played pool at Biljarden, which was good but I didn't play so good on the bigger tables here! Then we went to Figge's flat with Freaky and played GTA4 and guitar hero....I wasn't much of a hero with that!!!

Later we went to Cicci and Robert's flat, which is really nice. Me and Sara liked it very much and were a bit jealous! They have the cutest cat ever, Rufus. He was playing with us a lot and then he was eating cheeseballs and drinking beer! We drank a few beers too and then walked back. Wearing flip-flops was a bad idea and I had to take them off and walk barefooted.....what a girl!!!

Woke up this morning feeling very tired, slept in and now we are waiting for Thomas to come by. Tonight Sara's Mum and Didrik are coming from Motala for the weekend....I can dish out the presents to them! I am nervous about how my Swedish(or lack of it!) is going to go down with Sara's Mum! 

Elvis lives by a lake in Sweden!

Yesterday we went bowling and Freaky kicked my arse at it! :( It was fun though. It was our first day without alcohol...maybe that's why I lost!!! Sara and Cicci had time to have girly chat time.

After we went to the archipeligo in Kristinehamn and we saw Elvis! Apparently, he never died! He just thought that he would like the quiet life next to Lake Vanern! It was really funny. He was playing to a large crowd....about 4 old ladies!

We took lots of pictures of the Picasso sculpture and the lakeside, it was really beautiful with the sun going down. We drove around town for a bit and then we bought some crisps and watched tv.

Today, the weather has been really beautiful again, and we have just been tanning in the garden. I have changed colour a bit! It makes such a nice change from the awful weather in England. Just to be out lazing in the sunshine was great. Me and Sara talked quite a lot also, about our lives and our future.

Don't know what we are going to do this evening..... maybe fishing on the lake.....whatever we do it will be fun!


Valkommen till min blogg!

Hello to everyone! I thought that I would set up this blogg as I am in Sweden and would like to let everybody know what we are up to!

So.....we are in the wonderful country of Sweden! It is my third visit and I like it more and more each time. Sorry I am not writing this in Swedish, maybe I will one day!!! :) We got up at 5:30am on Monday and caught the train to Birmingham airport and flew at around 12:50. I really like flying except for the fact that my ears always pop! This time was particularly bad and they hurt a lot! I could hardly hear Sara when we landed at Skavsta airport near Stockholm. Sara's dad picked us up from the airport and the weather was really nice. However, after we had been driving for about 5 minutes there was a spectacular electric storm, lightning and very heavy rain. It didn't last for long though and then the beautiful sunshine was back!!!! It is soooo nice to have sunny weather as the weather in England has been so bad for ages. The car journey to Kristinehamn was quite long, but I like seeing the countryside in Sweden so much. It is very beautiful with the lakes and forests everywhere! We stopped for food and went to Max, a burger place. I had the best burger with bacon and cheese in it with a sauce that was soooo nice. Why haven't we got Max in England? It is so much better than McDonalds and Burger King!

We were very tired when we got to Kristinehamn and had planned to go and meet Sara's friends at the pub, but we were too knackered to go! Sleep...

On Tuesday we woke up very early with the bright sunshine coming through our window, I think it had been dark for about 3 hours only! We had some coffee out on the porch, which was lovely although me and Sara have to get used to the strong Swedish coffee again! We went to Maxi to get some food shopping and cooked Falukorv and potatoes for me, Sara and her brother Sebastian. Sara was so happy to be eating Swedish food again! We then went to meet Figge and Jocke in the centre of Kristinehamn and we had a beer while they ate some lunch. We had a fun time and Figge's English is so good, he always says it isn't but he is just being too modest! I have been lacking a bit of confidence with my Swedish, but it was good that I was able to go and order the beers and they understood me.

We rested for a bit and then in the evening we met up with Cicci and Freaky and went to his flat. Sara was soooooo excited to be meeting her friends. She was practically bouncing up and down when we were walking to meet them! It makes me so happy to see Sara happy.....I know how much she misses her friends. Sara had the cutest smile all the time! Freaky's flat is nice and it is very large. We talked about our place and how the rent compares to his! He pays almost half of what we do! We had beers and chatted a lot, we had a great time. Me, Sara and Cicci then went to two pubs and had more beers. I found the confidence to speak some more Swedish and Sara got me to say everything I know in Swedish!

Woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover, but sorted that out with some orange juice and then plenty of coffee! Beautiful sunshine yet again!

Tonight we are going to Cicci's place for more beer! I need to remember that the beer is stronger here!

Having such a nice time already here......love this place!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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