When I arrived home from work...

This waited for me..

Bubbles, roses and other decorations in the bath..
Plus a cold pint and NUTS magazine..
What more can a man want?

Dont I have the Perfect Girlfriend or what!?

Busy day at work...

Well....another busy day at work, I had 89 new emails in my inbox when I came in this morning :(

So nice to get home tonight as the weather is crap....much prefer it when it is cold, not raining!

My friend Graham died last Friday, he was only 34 years old, I found out his funeral is next Thursday. RIP Graham. We will all miss you.

Only 1 day of work to go....looking forward to the weekend as Sara is not working. It will be so nice to spend the whole weekend together.

Love you baby!

Day off work...

So...............had a day off work...kinda owed it to Sara after having to work on her birthday!

We are making up for it now though, had a lovely day together! We have sorted out a few things in the flat and are now having a few beers together! Skaaaaaaal!

Xmas officially over :(

Well....its all over. We have taken down the tree, cards and decorations. I always feel so sad at this time. I love Xmas.

Me and Sara have been busy today tidying up the flat, so we are a bit tired now. Back to work again tomorrow, I can't believe how quick the weekends go. I'm off to Chippenham tomorrow so at least I will be out of the office for a large part of the day.

Credit Crunch.....

Got to start thinking of ways to save money....time to be a bit more sensible! Arrrrrghhh, hate that word! But, need to start saving some money for big holiday till sverige in the summer.

Nu, har vi en valstadad lagenhet = We now have a tidy flat. (I'm trying to learn!!!!)


Ok, ok....it has been a while!

I'm sooooooo lazy, I know!

Well......it has been a tiring week. Had to go back to work on Wednesday after being off since 19th December :( I got drunk on New Years Eve and then had to work on Friday....that hurt!

So, I deserved a lie in today, didn't get up until 11:00 :) Sara was at work from 1pm so I did housework....even cleaned the bathroom! I knew my parents were coming over this afternoon to bring my new stereo and they always want to stay for a cup of tea, but it was good to see them.

I loooooooooooooooove my new stereo!!!! My sister, Rebecca, got it for me for Xmas, but the original one she bought had to be taken back as there was a fault with it.....so annoying. But, I have the replacement now and I absolutely love it....so happy!

Liverpool played today and it was on tv so it was nice to watch the game. They are top of the league and won this cup game 2-0 so I am very happy tonight.

However, Sara is now watching a Backstreet Boys concert on tv.....oh deo! (I loooooove ya loads though baby!)

Swedish saying for the day! = Jag alskar min nya stereo!!!! ;)

hej hej.....

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