Elvis lives by a lake in Sweden!

Yesterday we went bowling and Freaky kicked my arse at it! :( It was fun though. It was our first day without alcohol...maybe that's why I lost!!! Sara and Cicci had time to have girly chat time.

After we went to the archipeligo in Kristinehamn and we saw Elvis! Apparently, he never died! He just thought that he would like the quiet life next to Lake Vanern! It was really funny. He was playing to a large crowd....about 4 old ladies!

We took lots of pictures of the Picasso sculpture and the lakeside, it was really beautiful with the sun going down. We drove around town for a bit and then we bought some crisps and watched tv.

Today, the weather has been really beautiful again, and we have just been tanning in the garden. I have changed colour a bit! It makes such a nice change from the awful weather in England. Just to be out lazing in the sunshine was great. Me and Sara talked quite a lot also, about our lives and our future.

Don't know what we are going to do this evening..... maybe fishing on the lake.....whatever we do it will be fun!



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