I got sunburnt in Sweden!!

The sunbathing yesterday didn't exactly go to plan! The Swedish sun proved to be a little too strong for my white English chest! See the before and after pics!

  Oh deo!  

Yesterday we met Figge and went and played pool at Biljarden, which was good but I didn't play so good on the bigger tables here! Then we went to Figge's flat with Freaky and played GTA4 and guitar hero....I wasn't much of a hero with that!!!

Later we went to Cicci and Robert's flat, which is really nice. Me and Sara liked it very much and were a bit jealous! They have the cutest cat ever, Rufus. He was playing with us a lot and then he was eating cheeseballs and drinking beer! We drank a few beers too and then walked back. Wearing flip-flops was a bad idea and I had to take them off and walk barefooted.....what a girl!!!

Woke up this morning feeling very tired, slept in and now we are waiting for Thomas to come by. Tonight Sara's Mum and Didrik are coming from Motala for the weekend....I can dish out the presents to them! I am nervous about how my Swedish(or lack of it!) is going to go down with Sara's Mum! 

Postat av: Rebecca

Babe - that's quite a sunburn you got going on.....

Looks like you're having a brillian time

R x

2008-07-18 @ 14:02:11
Postat av: Rebecca Lawrence

you've been a bit slow updating the old blog........

too busy drinking?

2008-07-21 @ 17:15:48

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