i love massaging my girlfriend !!

Sara also has a blogg that you can read....if your Swedish is up to scratch!!! But, you can look at the pictures!


Todays feeling: Better now my chest isn't on fire!
Todays wellbeing: A little tired but happy
Todays should: Give Sara a 4 hour long massage!!
Todays hairstyle: messed up!
Todays outfit: jeans and grey tshirt
Todays done so far: Fed birds
Todays plans: Same as "todays should"
Todays item i want: Big bottle of BabyOil to help me with Sara's massage
Todays wish: That I could massage her longer than 4 hours
Todays thought: Can I start with it now??
Todays addiction: Massaging Sara
Todays most boring thing: That she hasn't requested a massage yet....
Todays reading: Nothing, too busy massaging Sara
Todays song: Same as above....
Todays most unusual thing: Same as "todays most boring thing"
Todays rose: For my wonderful, beautiful, sexy, cute  and absolutly lovely girlfriend Sara!

  Because I looooove her! :)


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