Utkast: Todays feeling: ...

Todays feeling: Pain from the sunburn!
Todays wellbeing: I'm pretty good
Todays should: Sort out clothes
Todays hairstyle: messed up
Todays outfit: Blue t-shirt and grey combats
Todays done so far: Went to Empoli Pizza and had burger + chips
Todays plans: Go to town
Todays item i want: postcards
Todays wish: That it won't rain tomorrow for BBQ!
Todays thought: I am eating so healthily!
Todays addiction: coffee, cigarettes, my blogg
Todays most boring thing: nothing so far
Todays reading: not yet
Todays song: Dreaming Out Loud - One Republic
Todays most unusual thing: chips with bearnaise sauce
Todays rose: Sara for bei


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