I'm back!!!!

Hej everyone!!!

I know, I know...I've been really bad and not updated this for ages!!! Sara has been nagging me for ages to update my blog!

So.....anyway. Lots has happened since my last post....obviously!!!! Kinda embarrassed now! :)

So life in England goes on and has been going quite well really! I got a new job in October and am now in the world of marketing!!! Woooo!

In the last month I have won two awards for my cricket, one from the league I play in and one from my club, which was nice.

Sara and I will celebrate 2 years together just before Christmas...can't believe it, but it is very good though!!!! Sara keeps saying that she cannot believe that she has put up with me for that long!!!! Cheeky Swede!!!

I must say hello to Sara's mum, Carina who has wanted me to start writing on my blog again so she can read it and improve her English! I'll do my best to write in correct English!!

On the subject of language, I am going to get serious with learning Swedish now....I'm really going to start putting in the hard work!!! I am going to have a Swedish sentence or phrase every day on my blog that I have learnt, if I don't keep this up Sara will kick my arse so I better keep to it!!!

Swedish phrase for the day: Jag lovar att uppdatera min blogg oftare - I promise to update my blog more often!

I currently have a really bad cold and have been off work....I'm going to have so much work to do when I go back! Look at all my medication!!!!

Well....I will update again tomorrow. Feel free to send me Swedish phrases to learn!!!!

God natt!

Postat av: Anonym

Well i took the freedom to write in english for u.

So you better read the sh... ;)

2008-11-26 @ 23:25:53
URL: http://writerslounge.blogg.se/
Postat av: lina

haha wow u have a blogg aswell, nice to see how your life´s getting on, and congratulations til soon 2 years together with the most beautiful swede ;) hope to be able to come visit u guys soon (with soon i mean i hope it wont take another two years) haha

2008-11-27 @ 13:16:11
URL: http://yiayia.blogg.se/
Postat av: cicci

Det märks om du är bättre på svenska när jag hälsar på :P But you was good last time you was in Sweden!

2008-11-28 @ 11:54:53

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