Xmas officially over :(

Well....its all over. We have taken down the tree, cards and decorations. I always feel so sad at this time. I love Xmas.

Me and Sara have been busy today tidying up the flat, so we are a bit tired now. Back to work again tomorrow, I can't believe how quick the weekends go. I'm off to Chippenham tomorrow so at least I will be out of the office for a large part of the day.

Credit Crunch.....

Got to start thinking of ways to save money....time to be a bit more sensible! Arrrrrghhh, hate that word! But, need to start saving some money for big holiday till sverige in the summer.

Nu, har vi en valstadad lagenhet = We now have a tidy flat. (I'm trying to learn!!!!)


Postat av: Fredrik

it's nice so se your write some lines here again, it's been a while, anyway about quiting your day job. I'm gonna make an effort writing some lines for you in english as well. talk to u soon.

2009-01-05 @ 00:24:45
URL: http://fredwreck.blogsome.com
Postat av: cicci

Hey!! I think i know why you love chrismas! because the 24th december of 1986 was the day i was born :P Just kidding.. Its soon 22 feb!! wiie!/cicci

2009-01-19 @ 11:50:35
URL: http://ci1ia.blogg.se/

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